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https://youtu.be/UHsnFnrDHIU – A camera slider can do much more than you think. Find out 10 amazing tricks with the Konova slider to bring your shots to a higher cinematic

I never leave my office without my Konova camera slider. It’s one of the most versatile tools to bring cinematic movement to your shots. After using it for more than 3 years, I still find new creative techniques.
The camera slider works best in combination with a photo tripod head since it has a 3-axis rotation. This means, we can position the slider slanting and recreate the movements of a jib or crane.

I found these techniques during the many video productions I’ve done with the Konova slider. I do not bind myself to the usual shots, I always seek for something new. Sometimes the shot is a total disaster, but very often I get surprised by the amazing camera movement my slider can do. A main problem I see with many photographers is that they always want to see a good composition or camera frame. But when it comes down to sliding from point A to point B, your point A doesn’t always have to be so perfect. It can start from total darkness or objects that are out of focus. What matters is how your point B will look like. The slider movement within will make the magic happen to have your final shot shine like a masterpiece.

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