Winners' POV: ALGS NA Champions Full Match Listen In | Kungarna Bottom 20 | Apex Legends

Listen in to the ALGS NA Champions in their full Championship winning match! Team Kungarna aka Bottom 20 were placed eight of eight eligible teams on match point going into Game 9 of the ALGS NA Championship. The underdogs had it all to do but pulled off a stunning victory to win the Apex Legends Global Series Championship in NA. See how they rotate through the map, talk tactics, and pull out an incredible win in the Final Circle.


00:00 – Game 9 starts
02:04 – Sorting Factory
03:22 – The Ridge
03:51 – Valkin’ out of trouble into Capitol
08:30 – ‘Frying ports’
16:10 – Jumping into a fight
17:05 – 8 Squads Left
17:55 – 5 Squads Left
19:10 – You Are The New Kill Leader
19:20 – Final Circle – 3 Squads Left

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