Auto Chess Indonesia Tournament Season #2

Auto Chess Indonesia Tournament Season 2

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Week #1 Close

Week #2 Close

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Week #4 Close

Week #5 Open

Week #6 Coming Soon

Week #7 Coming Soon

Week #8 Coming Soon

About ACIT Season #2


Thank you to everyone who supports us to continue making the tournament autochess, even though in season 2, the auto chess Indonesian tournament is only a certain region ( INDONESIA) therefore, all participants outside of Indonesia cannot participate in this tournament because the payment for champions use local bank (ovo, gopay, bank transfer).

The tournament is presented by Cokro fun match and autochess Indonesia and is also sponsored by MND, Liemos Computer, CS Team and Auto Chess. Every Final Weekly will be live on youtube


Terima kasih untuk semuanya yang mendukung kami terus untuk terus membuat tournament autochess, walaupun di season 2 ini, auto chess indonesia tournament hanya regional tertentu yaitu INDONESIA, oleh karena itu, bagi semua peserta diluar dari indonesia tidak dapat mengikuti tournament ini dikarenakan pembayaran untuk juara menggunakan bank lokal ( ovo, gopay, transfer bank ).

adapun tournament ini di hadirkan oleh cokro fun match dan autochess indonesia dan juga di sponsori oleh MND, Liemos Computer, CS Team dan Auto Chess. setiap final weekly akan live di youtube



The top 4 players advance to the next match.
– Preliminaries (8 lobbies, 64 players)
– Semifinals (4 lobbies, 32players)
– Final (8 players)
The finalists will be announced at the Grand Finals


Weekly Reward IDR Rp.450.000

1st = IDR 200.000 + e-certificate
2nd = IDR 150.000 + e-certificate
3rd = IDR 100.000 + e-certificate

Grand Final Prize Pool : IDR 3.000.000

  • 1st = IDR 400.000 + Choose one Epic chessboard on sale by yourself + SSD 500gb by Liemos Computer + e-certificate
  • 2nd = IDR 250.000 + Choose one Epic piece skin set on sale by yourself + SSD 256gb by Liemos Computer + e-certificate
  • 3rd = IDR 150.000 + Donut Box【Gold】×3 + SSD 128gb by Liemos Computer + e-certificate
  • 4th = IDR 100.000 + Donut Box【Gold】×1 + e-certificate
  • 5th = IDR 25.000 + Donut Box【Silver】×5 + e-certificate
  • 6th = IDR 25.000 + Donut Box【Silver】×3 + e-certificate
  • 7th = IDR 25.000 + Donut Box【Silver】×2 + e-certificate
  • 8th = IDR 25.000 + Candy Box ×2 + e-certificate